Migraine Sufferers? Listen up!

Migraine Sufferers?  Listen Up!
 Do you suffer from migraines?
If you are one of the millions of migraine sufferers, who know how debilitating this condition can be and are rightfully seeking a cure. I am here to share with you that the cure is not out there, but already within you.  Instant relief can happen when you are able to resolve, what we refer to in German New Medicine as tracks that have been recorded in your psyche, from conflicts that have been caused by unanticipated traumatic events in your past.

For many of the migraine sufferers who are reading this article, I want you to know that total relief is possible.  There is a lot of confusion as to what is available in terms of the word “cure”. A cure is oftentimes confused with alleviating a symptom.  Actually, the symptom is a clue.  The search for relief is no longer about who has the best supplement, remedy or medication, it is about the fascinating world that our own psyche’s role plays in our condition.
To truly understand what causes migraine headaches is to come to the realization that it is absolutely not a mistake of nature.  There is a biological meaning that has evolved over eons of time,  in our evolutionary process that is also consistent in all plants, animals as well as  humans.
This is the basis of a revolutionary new medical treatment that involves talk therapy and this is called called German New Medicine.  It has taken the founder, Dr. Hamer, 40,000 cases to verify that diseases or psychoses are caused by unexpected traumatic events or shock, that a person has experienced sometime in their life and that trauma shows up in the brain and is actually visible and verified by a CAT Scan.  Again, for the reader to understand fully what this means is to realize that when a unanticipated shock happens to an individual at any age, this can initiate and inner conflict which will then need to be resolved in order to obtain a cure.

Not every migraine sufferer is alike.  Migraine headaches have an aspect called “auras.”  Interestingly enough, each of these various auras are related to a specific part of the brain, with organ and/or tissue correlation of its own,  specific to the conflict.

In order to get the upper hand on your condition, it’s important for you to understand that the disease process for migraines, as for other illnesses, have two phases: a cold phase and a hot phase. These two phases respectively represent the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and the parasympathetic nervous system (eat and sleep).

Nature is designed to take its due course.  The symptom that all headaches have in common is inflammation.  This increases pressure within our cranium (skull).  Inflammation when it is in the hot phase – the phase when symptoms appear – fulfills the biological intention of Mother Nature.  Once we align with our Brain Codes by resolving our conflicts, we are not only healing our own bodies, we also are showing others, who may be suffering, what is possible and when we experience the joy of this type of healing we are aligning ourselves with nature’s code for all species.  Mother Nature never makes mistakes.  We have all heard the expression “Don’t fool with Mother Nature.”

Once we work together and you become aware of the nature of your conflict, in each organ and tissue. You then will be able to eliminate the guesswork and allow the enhancement of any remedies you might require to work more efficiently.   This is revolutionary because your  health is finally in your own hands. When we work together, you will gain an awareness of the nature of your conflict and be able to release the triggers or tracks of your original unanticipated event, providing you with the possibility of immediate relief.  This is a much healthier alternative.

Register for my next 2-day webinar series or week-long seminar to learn to deal with the true cause of diseases or conditions through the science of German New Medicine.

This knowledge enhances the individual’s capacity to heal oneself and others with or without other modalities and/or remedies in accordance with German New Medicine’s Five Biological Laws.  This can save time and money on unnecessary items that you may not need, or cut down significantly on the remedies or modalities needed.  In addition to helping yourself, you could be the one to help your family and friends by introducing them to the groundbreaking methodology of German New Medicine.

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