Shingles before and after

The Healing of A Dirty Mind Leading To Shingles

The past might haunt you as well as heal you.
I had just completed an appointment with a patient when the phone rang.  On the other end was a former patient of mine saying how much he was suffering and in misery from a severe case of Shingles and could not understand how this could be happening to him. Let me digress for a moment and give you a little background regarding this patient.  A few years earlier I had worked with he and his wife (at that time) on some very deep issues and challenges they were having in their relationship.  I was able to explain to him more about the conflict he and his wife were having in their marriage.  This session, was very enlightening for him, and he was able to better understand that he had a pattern of drawing in women who wanted to take advantage of him financially, as well as emotionally.  As you might guess, his wife was not happy about our sessions, and she made it abundantly clear that she did not ever want him to work with me again!
However, we still continued our work together and after a few more sessions,  I do believe a light went on for him and he was finally able to realize how deeply involved he had become in a very unhappy and toxic marriage that was causing him great stress and unhappiness and I was able to show him how this situation was beginning to take a big toll on his health, in extremely serious ways.  I sincerely hoped that by drawing his attention to this kind of destructive pattern, with regards to the type of women he had picked in his life, would forever end this old pattern.
I explained to him, that by using German New Medicine, I would be able to explore his symptoms and be able to find the relationship to a specific organ, which would reveal to me more about the conflict, recorded in his Psyche, and just how that was affecting his brain and nervous system.   I was able to show him that there was a parallel between his own mother, when he was growing up and his ex-wife.  He was beginning to understand how his experiences in childhood would later affect his well-being in his relationships, and how that would ultimately affect his health.  It turned out that he and his wife would go on to get a divorce, which unfortunately she used to severely hurt him financially. She wanted to destroy him, and this was a traumatic shock to him in every way.
A few years later, he met the love of his life, with whom he was totally compatible, she was extremely opposite from his ex-wife.
He was doing great, in love and happy for the first time.  However, it was at this time that he called me completely upset and confused because he had come down with a very serious case of Shingles.
I proceeded to ask what had been going on in his life.  He was able to explain that he was confused and couldn't understand how he could possibly have Shingles and really wanted to understand why this was happening to him at a time in his life when he was so happy and in love. It did not make any sense at all to him.  He mentioned that he and his new love were doing well, and aside from some financial challenges, everything was great.
He expressed, that he was absolutely adamant regarding the fact, that he wanted to deal with Shingles naturally and did not want to go thru this having to take medication.  He told me he had heard horror stories, about some of the side effects from the drugs they prescribe.
I went on to share with him that in the eyes of German New Medicine,  his Shingles were actually a good thing.  The founder of German New Medicine (Dr. Hamer) discovered that when  diseases are in a healing phase, the body will produce microbes  such as fungus and bacteria to help the healing process.  This is nature’s perfect biological design.
I explained to him that according to Dr. Hamer, there are two different kinds of bacteria that will actually help your body.  I explained that he had the one that breaks down tissue and forms blisters.  Since he requested to do it naturally,  he needed to understand and look at the meaningful biological program that was also occurring in his body, which is the same for all mammals, plants and humans.  Contrary to Conventional Medicine, the bacteria is actually our greatest ally and friend.   
He still was not able to understand why he had Shingles, when everything was going so well in his life, with a new relationship etc.  I went on to explain that it is precisely because he was feeling wonderful and the fact that the conflict in his Psyche was being resolved, that his body went into a healing phase to begin to heal itself.
Yes, that’s right. It is really the opposite of what most people think.  Mother Nature does not make mistakes.  The healing phase of a disease indicates that the body is beginning to heal and once there is resolution in the Psyche, the symptoms will begin to disappear because the body is healing itself.
I explained to him that we have two main areas of concern and that according to German New Medicine, Shingles actually is considered a healing phase and that we must assist it, in order to let nature run it's course.  I observed and brought to his attention that when he and his new partner were having some financial challenges, this situation would activate his kidney tubule and that would create more water in his body, which will in turn would contribute to the inflammation affecting his blisters.  The other thing to look at is what actually started the process of the Shingles?  Looking back over my notes from earlier sessions, he mentioned that his mother had once shocked him when he was 9 years old by scolding him for looking at pictures in a Playboy magazine which she had found him reading.
Working with him further and explaining how this traumatic unexpected shock from his mother had led to a conflict recorded in his Psyche.  Just by discussing the trauma/shock he had experienced from his mother, and during our conversation he let me know, that he could actually feel tingling inside and even on top of his head where the Shingles outbreak had first occurred.
I let him know that now he would be able to connect and understand what the conflict was about, and now he could sense how his body was beginning to heal itself.  I wanted him to understand that according to German New Medicine, the fact that he had been made to feel guilty and to feel bad as a child that he had a dirty mind, when his mother caught him reading Playboy, and I pointed out how this had been imprinted and recorded in his Psyche.  I was also able to show him just how his mother further attacked him by making him feel dirty and making him go to a Catholic Priest,  who then sided with his mother and explained to him that sex was dirty and evil.  When he went on to attract a new woman into his life with a healthier attitude about sex and love, it gave him the opposite experience.  My patient responded by letting me know he felt a shift inside of him.
In Conclusion  
I would like to truly impress upon the reader that when my patient was able to sense the conflict in his Psyche and was also able to have resolution regarding the imprint of the "dirty mind," his body began to heal itself.  I have the before and after pictures for you to observe.

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