Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

Blood Sugar Levels equal Being Level Headed and Disease Free
I would like to share with you some life changing information concerning one of my patients. He is an American lawyer who had been diagnosed as a type II Diabetic.  He was undoubtedly upset with this diagnosis and was open to understanding more about this disease and possibly looking for other approaches, rather than having to spend the rest of his life on medication and having to monitor himself.  Fortunately, he was able to find me through a referral and was able to read my book and visited my website.  He was desperate and curious and was open to another approach and learning something new about his disease.  He was searching, and in spite of never having heard of German New Medicine, he was open and willing to have a consultation with me to learn more about this revolutionary work.  I was able to explain to him that all diseases are related to an unexpected trauma in a person’s life and he was willing to explore this concept further.
I would like to make it very clear that before his appointment, he did not believe that the work we would be doing together would or could have any effect on his blood sugar whatsoever.  Although, he was hoping that the session we would be having together would have an effect on the severe shooting pain in the bottom of his foot, which would come and go.   He assumed that because I was a chiropractor I would basically be working on his nerves.  What I had to explain to him is that I had to get on his nerves without touching his nerve (lol).

I was able to explain to him, that simply by having a conversation about the conflict related to his diabetes and his foot, could actually release his pain, affect his blood sugar and help to heal his disease.  He was surprised to hear when I explained how a previous unanticipated traumatic event or conflict, could actually be the cause of his problems.

This is where I am going to ask the reader to understand that simply by using an extensive line of questioning, about his life, I could actually help him to understand that his conflict was related to his sister who had created an unpleasant traumatic situation in his life, and how he greatly resisted  this situation which forced a separation within his family.  By using German New Medicine, I was able to explain how this separation had lead to the shooting pain in the left foot and the feeling of being “bullied” which relates to diabetes.  Also, he had been forced to stay away from his mother, because the sister was making false accusations as well as letting him know that his presence was detrimental to his mother’s well-being.  He was of course, strongly upset and opposed to it.  I pointed out to him that in his life he had developed sensitivities to certain situations, which gave him the feeling of being bullied and he felt pushed around by his sister.  "Heck" he said, maybe that does have something to do with the fact I chose to become a lawyer, so that no one could ever push me around.

Once he was able to see the connections to the feelings he had toward his sister and how similar it was to the trauma he had experienced with her as a child,  the lights started to go on inside of him and he was moved by the fact that he fought very hard to become a lawyer to show no vulnerability.  It was at this point that he was able to find resolution, and the feeling of never letting his sister determine his fate, and he was able to see the connection.  It was a bittersweet victory.  However,  he was eventually able to see his mother again and she finally let him know how proud of him she was, for all the hard work and time it had taken for him to become a lawyer, and just how much she appreciated him as a son, because of this, he was able to find resolution.

It is important to understand the bigger picture, when it comes to healing our bodies.   As far as this patient goes, his drive to sense the cause of  his disease, was a very different approach for him and can be challenging to most people, however, like most of the population today, he was brought up not to question the medical profession and just be resolved to taking daily medication and blood monotoring.

I was able to explain to him, that much of the medical profession today, if not all, place the blame on body for failing us, due to things, like faulty genes, microbes etc. Unfortunately they will prescribe medications, that may make the symptoms disappear, however, in the long term,  will actually suppress those symptoms, and for the most part will stop the body's natural ability to heal itself.  It is very important to understand that this suppression can happen, even with alternative medicine, they too have a similar approach by using natural substances, which in essence have a Band-Aid effect.   They both espouse to the theory that blood sugar is not curable, and can only to be controlled by medications or a good diet, excercise and nutrition.  However, this can and will further complicate the body's  ability to stabilize the blood sugar range.  Also, a persons intensity to stress will not be the same every day, and sometimes there will be situations that will trigger a person and the patient may experience a relapse of the symptoms, and in this patients case, causing blood sugar levels to rise and when this happens the body will then increase the metabolism for stronger and tenser muscles.  This is how the body responds to enable, resist or defend oneself.  This case illustrates the biological meaning and illustrates the warding off the threat of a bully. The lawyer was then able to see this connection and replied  "You mean my sister acted like a bully?"   " Now I can fully understand why my body wanted to raise my blood sugar?"

I sincerely hope the reader will be able to more fully understand the things I have discussed in this article, and how truly life changing it is to have the opportunity to be able go take a look at our life's history relating to our own biological nature.  The more resolution one is able to experience, the easier it will be to clear the conflict.  Then we are truly able to re-experience, and make the connection that open the doors to what the conflict so our bodies can begin to heal.

In conclusion I would like my readers to know that at this time, my patients blood sugar levels are normal and the intermittent shooting pain that occurred in the bottom of the foot was resolved in one of our earlier sessions and at this time is gone, however, he is continuing to monitor and sense his levels of stress and is doing great, he has a whole new lease on life. The last time we spoke all he could he say was "this work is amazing."

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