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Psyche Relating to Biological Shock

The Psyches Role For the Survival of the Species

Understanding the difference between Psyche and Psychic

First of all it is vitally important for me to enlighten my readers and explain the difference between the word Psyche and the word Psychic.  At all times in my work with German New Medicine I only refer to the Psyche and it's role in our health and how every unanticipated traumatic event is recorded and stored in the Psyche, until I am thus able to help my patients find resolution, and help them to release their conflict, which then causes the body to heal itself.  

The word Psychic, on the other hand, refers to the supernatural, paranormal etc. and invariably causes confusion. when people first begin to learn about German New Medicine.  I am here to make it abundantly clear to my readers that the word Psychic and what it represents, has absolutely no connection whatsoever in the role that the Psyche plays in GNM). I bring this up because many people confuse these two words, and it is of the utmost importance to the reader that this is made completely clear.

What is the Psyche?

It is important to understand that the psyche is what initiates and drives every disease and condition of the body and this is evidenced by a CT scan.  The psyche always operates in the present moment. It is like a battery whose capacity to remain alert is switched on at all times.  It's main function is "To save our life", and offer the best solution from any shock that the body receives from the external environment. The psyche has the capacity to evaluate instantly what is needed to make sure we survive.

To understand more about what happens to our psyche when we have an unanticipated traumatic experience, one needs to realize that this kind of shock is completely different from what most people refer to as stress and will engage the whole organism.  From a biological point of view, "unanticipated" implies that the individual was completely caught off guard, and that this unpreparedness can have detrimental consequences and ultimately effect the health and well being of the entire body.  Nature has a special biological program which was created for this exact situation and is instantly set into motion when a unanticipated trauma/shock occurs.  

It is vitally important to understand that the function of the mind itself, is completely separate from the psyche and is not involved whatsoever in the processes that keep our hearts beating and our breath flowing, and has no involvement at all in the way the psyche registers shock or conflict. When a person is in the middle of a traumatic/shock the brain interprets the individual's response to the event immediately, and this happens long before the mind ever gets a hold of it.  At the time when an unanticipated shock occurs, the mind is not at all involved in the transfer of information from the psyche to the physical body. While the mind may be able to look back and remember the shock or the event, the psyche however, is on the scene the moment these things occur.

Most people accept the fact that disease is something that happens to them and they feel there is nothing they can do about it except take medicine and go to the doctor and then they hope and pray that eventually they will get better. When a person suffers through an illness, it is commonly understood that you either recover, get worse, or die. In the future our culture will come to understand that diseases may be there to actually save our lives.  The long held idea that disease attacks certain people at random is beginning to be replaced by this understanding.  The notion that sickness is something we have no control over, still retains widespread in popularity, however, I sincerely believe that there is more openness to the understanding that in reality all illness is a product of our thoughts and feelings that have been stored in the cellular memory and need to be resolved in order to heal.

I leave you with a quote from the Dr. Hamer himself:

'Future therapies will entail very little medication but will require the patient's understanding of the root cause of his conflict and disease. Together with his doctor, the patient will find the best resolution to his problem or the best strategy in order to avoid repeating it in the future. The patient is thus able to be the absolute 'boss' in the treatment and procedure of his illness, and herein is the special aspect of the NEW MEDICINE.

The patient will no longer be 'treated', but will 'treat himself'. The relationship between patient and physician will be completely re-thought and redefined. Today's highly specialized doctor will, in the future, have to be broadly trained, well-educated and a humane 'medical detective'. These 'Priests of Aesclepius' must be kind-hearted, wise, and possess outstanding general knowledge'.


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