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Knowing Versus Sensing In Brain Body Medicine

In Nature’s healing, knowing the difference doesn’t make a difference.

What does makes the difference is that we become able to sense with a greater awareness,  for example, using our senses to identify a threat of danger, since all of us at one time or another in our lives, can relate to that feeling of fear and survival.  Our nervous systems have a specific sensory system or organ, dedicated to each sense. Humans have a multitude of senses, such as sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch and once we can actually draw a parallel and begin to use our senses to feel and unlock past trauma,  that is stored in our psyche or soul, which then will enable us to sense a connection when similar situations arise, in our everyday lives, and how that will then help us to release past trauma or conflict stored in our psyche, simply by making a connection to that conflict, and sensing the connection to certain emotions or situations in our lives, that may trigger us, and can exacerbate or irritate symptoms that we are seeking to heal.  When we use German New Medicine in order to heal a disease the patient has to understand that it is vital to be able to learn to sense the nature of the conflict.  

Using the mind to understand our traumas, is like a dog chasing it's tail your always trying to figure everything out, and you just go round and round, but you soon realize that figuring it out does not activate biological healing to the body.  Unfortunately knowing something is not enough for the body's biological healing codes to be activated that will help to heal the body.  Again, just understanding our disease does not heal or change it.  What is vital is that we learn to sense the nature of the conflict that caused the disease in the first place.  

For example a woman patient of mine, was really trying to intellectualize everything that I was trying to point out to her about how important it was to be  able to sense the situation she was in.  She had a hard time understanding how German New Medicine works.  The problem, that stood between her being able to sense the conflict that she was dealing with, was the fact that she had spent so many years talking to an analyst and was always trying to figure out with her mind, why she was sick and kept trying to get a handle on what she was going through at that time in her life, which only made her symptoms worse. She was able to recognize that she always blamed herself when things went wrong in her life. She was always trying to be a "good girl".

Once again, I tried to bring these facts to her attention how she was always analyzing everything, each step of the way,  and how she constantly was trying to link her own concept of conflict by logically trying to pick out what memory she thought it related to in the past.  Without feeling or sensing a thing!!!! I went on to explain that Dr. Hamer (The Father of German New Medicine) explains that animals as well as plants do not have the ability to think, but they do use their senses, to heal themselves and avoid danger.  Dr. Hamer once said that when we can understand how animals get sick then we can understand how humans get sick.  Again linking this to the senses.  She then went on to say that she did not understand this concept.  I went on to explain further, that in order for her to heal her body,  she needed to learn to feel the difference between sensing and knowing. l explained that even animals instinctively sense what is needed as soon the go through a shock.  In other words, they sense the danger and remove themselves from the situation.  They don’t fixate or analyze the shock.  If they are injured, they might find a hole in the ground, side of hill or a cave and sleep it off.  They follow the rhythm of their Nervous System which consists of “flight or fight” as well “eat or sleep.”  This is an important step in following the Biological Laws that allows Mother Nature to complete the healing.

In conclusion

My sincere hope is that the reader will now have a better understanding of the difference between sensing and knowing, and will see how sensing entails perception, and how knowing has to be confirmed by outside sources.  Our brain interprets the world in a specific way and can be fooled, but you cannot fool your senses.  So to conclude, knowledge and the senses are not the same thing and are different by definition.  Helen Keller once said that "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched …but are felt in the heart"!!!

For more information please go to: please go to the blogs link and read about some of previous cases, and how by tuning in and using their senses they were able to experience a deeper level of healing.


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