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Mental Scars of Sexual Abuse

    A Yoga teacher, a patient of mine who I hadn't seen for several years, called me recently and asked if I could help her. She said that she had an impending feeling that someone was out to get her, along with the fact that her body was in great pain and stiffness in her neck and back.  I asked her about the physical symptoms she was experiencing, which she made very clear, had never happened to her before, the fact that she was not able to bend down, when she would practice a certain Yoga  position.  She went on to explain that when her left leg was extended and her right leg would cross with the heel touching the pubic bone, which was a common Yoga pose that she had done for years. she would feel intense pain,  also when she would bring the inner leg muscle up to the pubic bone and when the inside of her leg would cover the reproductive organs, which was very painful and felt very tight.  She became extremely upset by the fact that she could no longer bend over to touch her nose to the floor, which she had been doing for over 30 years.  She started to think that she wasn't a good example of a Yoga teacher because she could not reach this position.  She did not understand why this was happening to her especially after all the years of doing Yoga and the fact that she had never had this problem before now.  She also told me that she had gone to a Chiropractor and had an adjustment.   Usually, when she would have other aches and pains, especially in her back and neck, going to the Chiropractor would give her temporary relief, however, not this time.
    Since she had already been a patient of mine and I was able to uncover the fact that she had a history of sexual abuse with her older brother, and also experienced severe emotional and mental abuse, along with physical beatings by her parents, as well as the brother.  She originally came to me because she had been experiencing severe digestive and lower back problems and because I am also a Chiropractor, she would come to me for adjustments.  This was actually before I became a German New Medicine teacher and practitioner.  It was abundantly clear she needed more than Chiropractic care, and as I became proficient at using German New Medicine, with the realization that almost every health problem, comes from unresolved trauma that is recorded and stored by our psyche/soul and when there are traumatic events in our lives, are activated and cause us to experience symptoms, and they stay there until the conflict is resolved.   I knew that German New Medicine would be right for her because she had no relief from pain even though she was doing Yoga every day and had an extremely healthy lifestyle.  Even with a great diet and exercise, the muscle discomfort and pain worsened.  It was obvious to me that she was being emotionally triggered by things in her environment and my job was to make her aware of exactly what those triggers are, and when she is able to connect the dots and begin to sense her conflicts, then and only then will her muscles, neck and back pain begin to heal.  
    To give my readers a broader insight.  Using German New Medicine, my line of questioning, would reveal the tightness of the adductor  muscles which is related to her reproductive organs, this is also acknowledged in Chiropractic Kinesiology.  It was very apparent to me that her physical pain was related to the sexual abuse she had experienced when she was young.  During our session I had to go deeper to elicit a response, I explained to her that she needed to pay attention and to bring her awareness, regarding what she was sensing at the time her symptoms began.  I guided her, with my clinical experience, and was able to point out things that could have triggered her in the past, when she was sexually abused by her brother.  During this process, she was able to sense how she had been recently triggered when one of the students in her class, had challenged her in a way that gave her great discomfort.  As I was questioning her, she reacted with a loud outburst stating “I wish you were bigger.”  I motioned for her to pay attention to her feelings and lo and behold, I was able to help her connect to the memory of her brothers sexual abuse, she remembered that her brother used to say that very statement “I wish you were bigger” when he would abuse her, and this triggered her because the student used the same tone of voice as her brother.  I proceeded to guide her to discern and sense more of the feelings that triggered her, and I watched as they came pouring thru her senses, and when this woman, who was so challenged, was able to re-awaken the same sense as when her brother would sexually abuse her, felt an overwhelming release of energy in her adductor muscles and instantly felt them loosening.  I reminded her that even though, that in this situation, she had not been sexually manipulated by her student, she still had been triggered by the tone of the students voice and that awoke the conflict recorded in her psyche/soul.  I was then able to help her to release the conflict so that her body could begin to heal itself, as well as to make her understand that this conflict was not psychological whatsoever.  She was able to understand that it was her ability to sense the conflict with her brother that helped her to release the trauma.  In each session, thereafter. she was able to release more conflict and which would release more pain and stiffness, and then she began to notice that she felt peaceful.  Needless to say the pain and stiffness subsided and she could now get back into those Yoga poses.  She was also able to release the sense of someone being out to get her, and this had now been replaced with great anticipation of joy and hope, She really wanted me to know that she thought that the work we did together was magnificent.
    In conclusion, I really want to impress upon my readers, that even though we have been taught to believe that diet, exercise etc. can heal everything, while eating well and exercise is good for our bodies it simply is not capable and cannot release trauma stored in our psyche/soul, however once this conflict or trauma is resolved our bodies will begin to heal themselves.  This patient clearly demonstrates that after our work together, she was then able to heal from these debilitating circumstances in her life, and was very happy to be able to bend over with out any more pain, and she was able to truly feel freedom for the first time in her entire life, by being aware and sensing the triggers, that previously had kept her from having a happy, healthy life, and she now had the confidence, and the tools to release things on her own, and that was the greatest freedom of all for her.   Well, she said, "you go way beyond the old expression of feeding a man a fish for a day, or you can teach him to fish for a lifetime". Thank You.


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