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What To Expect From A German New Medicine Practitioner

Knowledge is power.
  The other day, I received an inquiry from a former patient, asking if I was using a Quantum Bio-Feedback Machine. This person stated that he was experiencing severe shooting pains in the bottom of his foot. He added, that he didn't think that it was in any way, related to a diabetes neuropathy (which he had read about). He wanted to know if my machine could pin point exactly what the problem was and what various remedies he would need to take to get well.
  This patient first came to see me many years ago, before I began my German New Medicine Practice. However, I now wanted to impress upon him that according to GNM, all disease comes from unexpected trauma or traumas in a persons life, and when that trauma, is resolved, that then allows the body to begin to heal itself. On one level I was annoyed because, knowing what I know now, I wanted him to understand that the healing he was seeking, was not just going to happen because of his belief that a Feedback machine could provide a diagnosis and cure him. it was extremely important for me to explain to him that he needed to stop fixating on the diagnosis, and I tried to make him understand that by working together, we would be able to uncover the conflict that created this situation in the first place. By using a version of “talk therapy” I am able to get the individual to understand and make a connection to what the conflict is all about. In this case, the situation with his foot was a conflict of separation which relates to wanting connection or wanting to separate.
  Although I hadn't seen this patient for quite a while, and referring back to my notes regarding his case, I was able to recall some of the incidents he shared with me on previous visits, about things that had occurred in his life. He explained that his life was full of disappointment. He never felt he was a good Father to his children. He never felt grounded. When the children were very young, he divorced their mother and then tried to raise them alone, he worked two jobs to make ends meet, and because he felt guilty, he invariably spoiled the children. He had so much pain and sadness in his heart, as well as shame and hopelessness, and he felt that he just could not get his foot in the door for any new opportunities that were coming his way. Since, at that time I had not yet become a GNM Practitioner. I could not have explained to him, what I know to be true today, which is, that his foot was actually inflamed and causing him pain because his body was starting to heal and he was actually in a repair phase, which is a very good sign and many times the symptoms are exacerbated when the body begins to heal itself. He just could not understand that he had any responsibility whatsoever in his own healing. He looked at it like his body, was failing him and because of that he felt that he needed to go to someone, who would cure him and would take his pain and suffering away. To be frank, for me it was as though he shot himself in the foot (no pun intended) by not wanting to take responsibility for what was going on in his own life. While trying to make him more aware of his participation in his own health, I was reminded of something that Socrates referred to when he wrote that "An unexamined life is not worth living" Unfortunately, in this day and age with so many machines and diversions both in the medical and alternative worlds, a person can become distracted and very often that keeps us from finding ones own core essence. One of the introductions on my home page states, that I begin the dialogue with my patients, and they will complete the healing. I have been taught that the patient is always right and is the boss, and holds the key to unlocking the conflict inside of them.
  Dr. Hamer (the founder of German New Medicine) gave an illustrative example of a man whose left leg was paralyzed. This man and his wife had been experiencing marital problems for quite some time, and when Dr. Hamer explained that the nature of the conflict, he was experiencing was of separation, regarding his relationship with his wife, he asked the patient, how he felt when his wife had taken her wedding ring off her finger and threw it at his feet? He responded by saying that he felt totally rooted to the ground, not realizing, the parallel, to the paralysis he was experiencing. Once he sensed the connection, the patient was in total disbelief, with Dr. Hamer's question, it struck him so hard that he felt it throughout his entire body. In this situation, if left unresolved, would keep him paralyzed, since the persons psyche/soul senses being rooted to the ground and separated. Unlike the mind that differentiates and categorizes it, the psyche senses it.
   Referring back to my patient with the shooting pain in his foot, he was beginning to understand that all unexpected and unanticipated trauma is a welcomed opportunity to unlock ones conflict, and that is how the body will begin to heal itself. I reminded him that it is okay to seek help, however if one does not want to take responsibility for themselves, and is not open to unlocking the conflict held in their own psyche/soul, then it doesn't matter how many energy machines, practitioners or how many supplements, medicines or healthy food, one tries. Unlocking the conflict remains the key to healing ones own body. Unlike the mind that differentiates and categorizes the psyche/soul allows us to sense the conflict, when similar situations arise.
   Having a few or many diagnosis's or other variations of the same, does not change anything. This is one of the reasons, why people have so many reoccurrences, relapses and aggravations from previous health problems, that never seem to go away, especially when they reach their 50's 60’s and 70’s, many are still experiencing ill health, and attribute it to growing old. I am here to tell you that old age is not the culprit. Now, more than ever it is time to live life to the fullest and experience what it is like to have a healthy body, no matter what age you are. Your journey to health and freedom begins with your ability to understand, that while resolving ones trauma, and even though it may initiate a relapse of symptoms, which actually is a very good and positive sign. Mother Nature is reminding us, that this is how are bodies have been biologically designed to work. Now is the time to welcome the opportunity to unlock the trauma stored in our psyche/soul. When one begins to experience this awareness, and starts using these opportunities to heal themselves, then total health and well being can be achieved at any age, and this awareness will enrich our lives in infinite ways, including generations of people who will follow us. I sincerely want to thank my readers for allowing me the opportunity to share this life saving information with them enriching my life by solidifying my purpose for Being Here. I sincerely give you my heart-felt thanks.


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