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Clearing Tracks To Evolve The Soul

Life experiences – good or bad – occur because of the tracks that control your thinking and doing.
Hearing the word “tracks” may give you a picture of railroad tracks. But in the context of German New Medicine, “tracks” has a completely new and powerful meaning.
To understand this life-changing concept more clearly, I will first explain the difference between “traits” and “tracks.” A “trait” is a psychological term; it refers to a certain type of behavior or characteristic a person exhibits. In contrast, a “track” is a subconscious reminder of what you have seen, heard, felt, smelled and tasted in relation to an unexpected trauma from your past that is stored in your psyche.
An individual can radiate both light and dark qualities that are perceived in outward behavior. But unanticipated dramatic shocks have an effect on the level of the soul, and the lessons to be learned are not immediately obvious. The founder of this work, Dr. Hamer, wrote his first book in the 1980s. In Cancer: Diseases of the Soul, he explains that all diseases stem from an unexpected shock that catches us off guard, causing health issues and the inability to manifest what we want.
For instance, parents want to make good decisions. And yet, what occurs in our environment influences our thinking through our psyche as “tracks.” This is why it is necessary for parents to clear tracks from any original conflicts – so that the soul of the parent can learn its lessons and clear the pathway to see the light of the truth in any situation. This can serve them greatly in raising their children.
To further understand the concept of tracks, here is an example of a previous client of mine that was a parent wanting to be nice to his or her child because their own parents mistreated them.  This parent had put a lot of thought into treating their child very well, but it is well known that spoiling a child can be just as bad as mistreating them. 
So my client’s young adult son was selling drugs at home.  My client was attached to their “trait” of being nice and was heavily influenced by memories of being mistreated in their own childhood. In consequence, my client couldn’t properly guide and discipline his son for breaking the law as well as their house rules. 
When I asked my client what happened when he went through this and didn’t discipline his son, he said he would become depressed with suicidal thoughts.  He also felt disoriented. I explained to him that it was his past trauma with his own abusive parents and unstable childhood. My client had a deep programming of incomplete love and inability to finish projects. He also believed at that time that if he stood up for something, like his own house rules with his son, it would result in abrupt separation and pain like what had happened in his own childhood when he tried to stand up to his parents.
Through the sessions with me, he finally realized the common thread through his life. We were able to pinpoint the origin of his depression and constant desire to urinate during the day. With the help of German New Medicine, I was able to explain that the bladder has to do with boundaries.  I explained that at times in his life when he had to urinate even more than usual, those were the times that he could not make a stand or say no. After our sessions, my client was able to develop his ability to discipline his son and stand up for himself and his values, which still honoring his “trait” of being nice. He was finally able to understand why it was so important to him because of past trauma, and in consequence, he was able to moderate his behavior. 
German New Medicine, officially developed in 1981, has a concept of an “unanticipated dramatic shock” called Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS). Depending on the nature of the shock, archaic programming will automatically take over. It does the thinking for you. Once triggered, regardless of what we value as a “trait”, the “track” created by the shock will blindly lead us, trying to avoid pain and ferociously seeking pleasure. 
However, as in the case my aforementioned client, we used the talk therapy of German New Medicine to help him understand what his original conflict was, thus rewriting his “tracks,” reversing his symptoms and healing his body and mind. 
The parent is now able to discipline his child while still staying true to his trait of being a kind parent. More importantly, he doesn’t suffer from depression or constant desire to urinate. He has more confidence in himself and peace in his life. 


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