Heal With Germs On Your Terms

Heal With Germs On Your Terms
By Douglas J. Price, D.C.
Mother Nature never makes mistakes. God made everything for a purpose, including germs and bacteria.
Dr. Hamer MD, the founder of German New Medicine, discovered that we evolve through microbes (fungus, bacteria, etc.). After his medical research at University of Munich, Germany, he found that the building up and breaking down of bacteria is designed by Mother Nature as a repair mechanism.
Dr. Hamer’s findings correlated with CT Scans and lab work. For instance, in the case of glandular breast cancer, a growth occurs in the first phase, or the stress phase. And when the underlying mental conflict is resolved on your terms – in other words, relieved from your psyche – you no longer have to be in survival mode. In the case of breast cancer, the breaking down of fungal bacteria breaks down the growth of the mass provided you have not been eradicated by vaccines and multitudes of antibiotics. What we are talking about here is indigenous microbes within your body, not the non-indigenous microbes from third world countries.
You may also find it surprising that once we have an unanticipated dramatic event, the intensity of the bacteria will grow according to the intensity of the conflict mediated by your brain and remain in a non-infectious state. It only becomes infectious on your terms, when you resolve the conflict. This results in the immune system stepping back in the second phase, or the healing phase, to allow the microbes to do the repair phase of breaking down or building up. This can be seen when people get sick just before they go on vacation.

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