Having a German New Medicine consultation can enable you to:

  • Understand your disease
  • Stop constant worry
  • Overcome fear
  • Obtain good health

I encourage you to read my blogs by choosing a condition you can relate to.  More updates on various conditions are coming soon.

What you can expect from our sessions?

A German New Medicine session is essentially “talk therapy." This is not the same as psychotherapy. It is finding the specific unanticipated traumatic event that was responsible for the onset of a disease, illness or condition that the person is suffering from. It doesn’t matter if your conflicts are physical, psychological or behavioral. I will work with you to discover the conflicts that are impacting your life and causing your illness.

You will gradually gain more awareness of the nature of the conflict until you achieve full understanding. Most people call this their “aha” moment, for it can hit as suddenly as the original shock did in the first place.
Then you can begin to make the necessary connections to start the healing process. This can be challenging due to the fact that this is not an intellectual exercise. Neither is it exposure therapy that includes recalling and desensitizing your memory.  It is the psyche that needs to grasp this new perception and will activate your intelligent biological programs for your body to begin healing itself. Over time you will make even more connections and be able to see how the conflict has affected your life.

I have helped many people over the years and I am aware of the challenges that will arise during the healing process. Sometimes one may experience an exacerbation of symptoms, which is your body's way of letting you know that it is healing. I will guide you through every step of the way and you will know what to expect.

Unlike other healing therapies which only alleviate the symptoms, a GNM session can enable your body to recover its inherent sense of rhythm. You will heal yourself by understanding the nature of the conflict and becoming aware of the associated red flags. If you have multiple conflicts, you may need a number of sessions to clear your problem.

If your reserves are depleted, you may benefit from the assistance of alternative or complementary therapies once the conflict is resolved. My training in alternative therapies qualifies me to make suggestions for treatments that will enhance your recovery.

Everything you need to be healthy already exists within you and is waiting to be activated. The ultimate cure is working with Mother Nature’s biological laws to restore your psyche and body to strength, health and contentment. With this knowledge, you will take responsibility so that you can cure you.

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