5 Biological Laws of Nature

Dr. R. G. Hamer discovered that all diseases were initiated by a biological conflict that leaves a visible mark in the brain which can be confirmed by CAT scan of the brain. At the onset of a biological conflict (induced by an unanticipated event), our vital and emotional response will determine the illness or psychosis (with the exception of poisoning). This happens simultaneously on the psyche, brain and organ.

It is the resolution of the conflict shock and being aware of triggers that allow the psyche, brain and organ to begin healing. Otherwise, the individual remains victim to the unconscious thought process that keeps him or her in the disease state.

German New Medicine is a highly accurate system involving Five Biological Laws.


First Biological Law

The cornerstone of GNM is that shock that happens in one’s life. The key that sets it apart from other systems of healing is that it has to be unanticipated. This shock is called Dirk Hamer Syndrome or DHS, named after Dr. Hamer’s son.

Second Biological Law

Dr. Hamer discovered that every disease has two phases:

  • The cold phase: the stress phase with which each disease begins and which lasts as long as the person is in conflict
  • The hot phase: when the conflict is resolved. This phase is also known as the healing phase or restoration phase.

It is important to note that about half of all diseases appear during the conflict-active phase and the other half appear when the conflict has been resolved. For example, a conflict with self-devaluation (self-esteem) in the cold phase could have resulted in anemia and in the hot phase would be leukemia. Or a conflict with a sense of powerlessness or feeling trapped in the cold phase would be Multiple Sclerosis. In the hot phase, it would possibly show up as Parkinson’s disease.

Third Biological Law

This law depends upon how a person reacts to the shock. This reaction is based on the person’s perceptions, beliefs and experiences in life, both on a conscious and unconscious level. This determines what part of the brain and what organ or tissue is affected.  

Fourth Biological Law

This determines what kind of microbe (fungus, bacteria or virus) is going to be utilized in the hot or healing phase of the conflict. The type of microbes are dependent upon what tissue or which organ was affected by the conflict.

Fifth Biological Law

The final law is the “Quintessence” and it helps us understand the biological reason or necessity for the physical manifestation. An example would be if a bone breaks in the stress phase, then in the healing phase it is stronger than before.

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