History of the Germanic New Medicine

Dr. Ryke Geerd HamerIn 1981, Dr. Hamer, founder of German/Germanic New Medicine, got his chance to research his hypothesis. He was working as the chief internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany. While looking at a patient’s CAT scan of the brain, he made a discovery that would change our perception of illness and disease forever.
He identified what he referred to as 'target rings.' Most doctors simply brushed these off as anomalies or artifacts, but Dr. Hamer discovered a connection between different parts of the brain and specific internal organs and tissues. He called these connections 'brain relays.' He found that every organ has a corresponding brain relay. He further discovered that in every case there was an unanticipated shock that always preceded the onset of cancer. For example, in over 1,000 cases of lobular breast cancer in right-handed women who had left breast involvement, there had been a traumatic event involving an unexpected argument or issue of caring that was left unresolved.
Dr. Hamer's discovery, now based on fact and not mere hypothesis, has revolutionized the medical world. He has become the Galileo of modern medicine today. It is vitally important to understand that this is not a psychological conflict (mind and emotions), it is a biological one. While Dr. Hamer’s work is commonly referred to as “mind body medicine," a practice recognized by Dr. Norm Shealy, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay, to name a few, this concept is really quite vague and for the most part incorrect with regards to his empirical findings.
Many medical professionals do agree that the mind or psyche does influence the physical body, however, they are missing the most essential keys which is precisely what Dr. Hamer's discovery is all about. He was clearly able to demonstrate that the brain actually mediates the event which, with the help of a CAT scan, can be verified at the organ level or by the disease which responds on a physical level to the event.


Today, Dr. Hamer's research be can scientifically verified on three levels:

  • The first is the psyche, where we experience the unanticipated dramaticevent. The psyche is sometimes referred to as the "soul," which is defined by the Lacrosse dictionary as "That which is inside us that thinks, feels, and desires.” In fact, Dr. Hamer wrote a book called “Cancer – Diseases of  the Soul.”
  • The second is the brain, which mediates the psyche and internal organs and tissues.
  • The third is the internal organs (liver, heart stomach), tissues,muscles, tendons and ligaments.
This process takes place on the psyche, brain and organs simultaneously. The key is the understanding that the emotional experience of the person at the moment of an unanticipated event will totally determine his illness or psychosis. Dr. Hamer's findings are so accurate that we are able to analyze the person from any of these three levels (psyche, brain and internal organs and tissues).