The Natural Solution

In order to resolve rather than suppress the symptoms, we have to find the exact moment when this conflict was initiated by an unanticipated dramatic shock, the time when the person’s survival was threatened in a biological sense, not just the mind or psychological state.
Referring back to the case of eczema, we must release the conflict of the separation for the psyche. From a biological perspective, the patient was also experienced being touched. This means at the time of the shock, someone or something touched this person. The touch refers to relationships.
Another tool, that is consistent both in mammals and humans, is laterality. This is determined by a series of tests (such as hand clapping) to observe whether a person is right-handed or left handed. This has nothing to do with left brain (logical, scientific) and right brain (intuitive, creative). It has to do with the nervous system and hand dominance. This tells us why a specific area of a limb or body part shows up in the separation conflict.
When we learn to listen biologically, we can figure out the origin of the eczema, even if it has been an ongoing problem for years. Once the origin of the conflict of separation is resolved in that moment and time, the skin will then revert back to normal.
The activity of microbes (fungus, bacteria and viruses) repair the damage in the healing phase. It will either build up or break down, depending upon the evolution of the inner organs and tissues. During this process, there is a corresponding clearing of the mental, emotional and spiritual states. At end of the healing phase, the rash disappears and a natural feeling of connection is established. A belief system is not required for Mother Nature to take its own course in the resolution of the conflict.
Once the healing phase is initiated, the practitioner can decide what is the best course of action. It can be in the form of supplements, remedies, diet and/or medications, if needed. Always remember, we need to support Mother Nature to complete its course.